wm blair (wmblair) wrote in helpexcatholics,
wm blair

Why this flag - why this group?

There are many people who were raised Catholic. The thing with that is that does not include much actual learning about what being Catholic actually is. (I mean if you convert - well then you learn it all) Also, there are many holes in Catholic Dogma that require faith (not just your faith that your bedroom will still be there when you get back from dinner - big double-think LEAPS OF FAITH).

So you leave. Break with your upbringing. Become ex-Catholic.

I will suggest the following as primary goals for the forum (ha-ha forum - Roman numerals - woh boy all about Roman Catholicism. Ok sorry):

I) What is your "root?" what was the thread that led your belief to unravel?
....I)i.Where does the unraveling end? How far do you go and do you have to reject eveything?

II) Do you have to be an ex-catholic? Do you have to leave just because you find out the Church is sexist or corrupt or absurd or as true as the Easter Bunny or because you think that one or whatever thing is just too much to take? Does that thorn in your side HAVE to mix metaphors and become the root of your unraveling house of cards?
....II)i.Can't you just be a Cafeteria Catholic like everyone else?
.........II)i.a] what the hell do you think of cafeteria catholics anyways - pro or con?
....II)ii. There is an established tradition of agnostic Jews. There are Jews that don't really believe in God or everything - but they are still Jews and they still have that as part of their identity and they wouldn't part with it and it is a cultural thing. Is there any place for an agnostic or cultural Catholic? would you maybe fit as one? and I mean there is a reason for the adjective Judeo-Christian - they're the same kooky religion deep down - all part of the Abrahmic Tradition.

ok. so. as a show of how there is openess in the group I will post this and then do other roman numerals later. or. hell. I don't care. you can do your own. (I do not think this is a complete list of topics)
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