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Catholics Anonymous

because god doesn't care when you poo

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Were you raised Catholic? Do you regret it? Would you like to come to terms with a god that does not watch you shit? Are you unsure about certain Catholic beliefs and where you fit in with them? Do you dislike parts of Catholicism but do not want to abandon every belief or spiritual feeling in your body? Do you experience problems socially, emotionally, neurotically, or spiritually as a backlash from your upbringing? Do you think that maybe it is possible to be an agnostic Catholic like there are agnostic Jews? Do you need to vent about authority or guilt or prayer or the terrible shit that happened to you? Do you have any ideas on how to make a program to help recovering Catholics? Do you know how to get ex-Catholics talking together? Should an ex-Catholic stay an ex-Catholic? And what about that indellible mark on your soul... does that still count if you think its all bullshit now? Do you want to recover? Can you help others recover? Is there anyone oput there who will ever read this?